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Press Releases

  • CA_FC_Auction_AW-2022_039

    $5.4 Million in Sales and a 64% Sell Through Rate Power the Fall Carlisle Collector Car Auction

    Tuesday, Oct 4, 2022

    Fall Carlisle (September 28-October 2) is the final automotive themed weekend in Carlisle, Pennsylvania e

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  • CE_FC_AutomotiveFleaMarket_AW-2022_278

    Carlisle Events Wraps up Event Season with Fall Carlisle – Concludes a Record Setting Season

    Tuesday, Oct 4, 2022

    With Fall Carlisle and its two-day classic and collector car auction now in the rear-view mirror, Carlisle Events and Carl

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  • CA_WL_Auction_DavidBowman-HumbleMedia-2020_062

    Carlisle Auctions Plans THREE Charity Lots at the 2022 Fall Carlisle Collector Car Auction

    Thursday, Sep 22, 2022

    There are 400+ consignments slated to cross the block on September 29-30 as part of the Fall Carlisle Col

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  • Carlisle Events - Season Pass Promo Graphic

    2023 Season Passes, Discounted Spector Admission Tickets NOW Available

    Monday, Sep 19, 2022

    Coming to a Carlisle Events or Carlisle Auctions backed event is just as much about the fun as it is the savings.

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  • CA_FC_Auction_AW-2021_038

    Fall Carlisle Collector Car Auction Brings 400+ Collector Cars to the Automotive World

    Monday, Sep 19, 2022

    Carlisle Auctions has quietly gone from hosting auctions that yielded great results to loudly positioning itself as an auction hou

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